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lit_commissions's Journal

Short Story Commissions
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A community for writers in search of ideas and readers who can supply them.
There are so many plots waiting to be turned into stories! There are so many stories waiting to be written! This community is looking for writers and readers alike. For any reader who has ever desperately wanted to read a story that doesn't exist yet and for any writer who has ever had the urge to create but can't seem to decide on a topic.

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If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to e-mail me at inphinity0@gmail.com. Here's how this is gonna go down:

NOTE: You MUST be a member of this community in order to post entries or comments.

If you have a request...post it! Make sure you specify in the title that you are COMMISSIONING a story. You may want to give a few details in the heading to grab attention. A format I suggest is "COMMISSION: Cannibal Princess" or whatever it is you want to read about. Then in the body of your post, give a detailed account of the plot you hope to see created. But make sure you leave enough up to the imagination so you don't squish out all artistic license of the potential authors. And most importantly, don't be upset if your story doesn't get written.

If you have a short story...post it! If your story is an answer to a commission, make sure you say so in the heading (i.e. COMMISSIONED: Title Goes Here). You may also want to provide a link back to the original post containing the commission. Put your story in the body of the post (or at least a way to get to your story.) If it's a very long story, I suggest using an LJ cut. You can also post your story on your own Live Journal or an outside website, but you must provide a link back to it in a community post.

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The Rules:
1. In a community such as this one, criticism is inevitable. However, anything less than CONSTRUCTIVE criticism will not be tolerated. Additionally, if you don't want your work to be criticized constructively, kindly do not post it.

2. Crossposting stories is absolutely OKAY! However, for the sake of publicity, I must request that if it's an answer to a commission, you please provide a link back to lit_commissions.

3. Promoting other communities with a similar theme is OKAY! But please promote us too. :)

4. There will be no mass censorship action regarding the short stories to be posted here. I'm not going to ban sexual or discriminatory content. HOWEVER! Please, please, please be tactful about it. Make it fit with the plot. Don't be excessive or gratuitous in any aspect that may be offensive. Use you best judgment and realize that I reserve the right to delete your short story if there are an overwhelming number of complaints about it.

5. Posting short stories that are NOT an answer to a commission is also OKAY. But please make it clear that there is no "birth post," so to speak.

6. This community's main focus is short stories. However if you want to commission a song or a poem or even a drawing, that's totally acceptible. But please refrain from posting poems, songs or drawing UNLESS they are answering a commission.